Austin, I Love You Too Much

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April 20, 2013 by ET

Austin. Such a happy city full of people who love saving the earth as much as they do smoked BBQ, sunshine and salt on the rim. With live music, festivals, food trucks and lakes, it’s easy to make a weekend trip a permanent vacation. We recently spent four days in (and two weeks recovering from) Austin and had a Texas-sized time. Check out a series of posts from the trip, but don’t blame us for your hangover.

IMG_2052It may be the margaritas talking, but I love Austin. I feel guilty cheating on Nashville, but Austin has a laid back and free loving attitude that I could get used to living every day. My sister Jessa and her husband Tony live in Austin and showed Ron and me some southwestern hospitality by giving us the local experience, complete with food and lots of drinks.

IMG_2045On our first day in town, we went for breakfast and Bloody Marys at Kerbey Lane Cafe, a 24-hour joint equally known for their pancakes and omelets as their queso and enchiladas. It turns out, you really can have everything. We ordered a round of salmon omelets with a side of lemon poppyseed pancakes.


Needing to walk it off, we took a trip to South Congress Ave., one of my favorite areas in Austin. Located just outside of downtown, the neighborhood is full of funky shops, eclectic art and local restaurants, not to mention an entire fleet of food trucks in a lot. You can spend hours strolling up and down the street, stopping to shop (as in the girls’ case) or grab a beer (as was the guys’ plan).

In the need of a good boar’s head for my bathroom, I made sure we hit up Uncommon Objects, an antique and rare finds store, which as the name suggests, is full of all things uncommon. I’m always amazed at the collection of completely random goods that somehow seem to all make sense as they coexist inside the store. If you’ve ever wanted to start a museum or long for a super creepy basement, this is hands down the place you need to shop.



We found nothing and everything we were looking for at Uncommon Objects. It’s too bad the boar wouldn’t fit in my carry on.

My sister and I continued to shop, finding good deals on screen printed shirts and summer dresses.

IMG_2095Because why wouldn’t we need matching Texas steer tank tops?

The South Congress experience includes several famous Austin fixtures, including the hotel, the “I love you so much” wall and the food trailer park.



I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is “Yes.” Ron headed to the bar immediately upon taking the photo in front of the wall.

Of course, we were just getting started. After shopping and bar hopping, we made a trip to the pool before dinner.

We ended the evening at Hula Hut, a great Polynesian Mexican (Tiki-Mex is such a thing) restaurant on the water of Lake Austin. The food and margaritas were great, as were the Texas-tinis.


Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine.

Grab your Tylenol and water and rally with us through the next few posts about our Austin experience.


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