Oh Baby: A Crafty Shower


March 24, 2013 by ET

Nothing brings out the oohs, awes and high pitched squeals quite like a baby shower. Little socks, tiny smocked clothes, ruffled bloomers and knit booties are enough to put you in an estrogen induced euphoria. And hell, after a few mimosas, even a breast pump starts to look cute. Then, the hostess forces you into playing an awful baby shower game. (No you won’t guess what brand of candy bar is in that diaper, thank you.) If you’re tired of the same old tried and terrible baby shower games, consider a carefully crafted approach for guest entertainment. Onesie making!

When my friend Kelly was preparing for baby number two, I knew she didn’t want a traditional shower, but the gals and I still wanted to do something to celebrate, especially because this time around she was having a girl. She already had all of the necessities, but with a two-year-old and her own business to run, what she didn’t have was time to check things off of her to-do list. We decided that instead of a typical shower, or sprinkle as they say in the baby shower world, to host a craft day to help her finish up some last minute projects like sewing curtains and painting furniture. Of course we couldn’t completely take the cuteness out of the party, so we added a onesie making station, giving guests the chance to express their creativity in outfitting the baby.


The best part of the project? It was super easy! All we needed to pull it off was:

Packs of plain onesies in different sizes
Swatches of fabric
Steam-A-Seam iron-on applique adhesive
An iron and ironing board

DSC_0353 DSC_0356DSC_0365

To get down to business, we cut different shapes from the fabric swatches.


Then, placed shapes onto a sheet of Steam-A-Seam and cut around each shape.


Next, we arranged the shapes on the onesie, fabric side up and Steam-A-Seam side down and ironed for 30 seconds.


And just like that, we had onesies.


An entire collection of onesies.


It was so fun to see each guest’s design. Our mom of honor loved the new girly outfits.

I’ll definitely be recycling this idea for future showers. It’s also a very easy DIY project for anyone looking to make a personalized baby or kid gift.

Beware of the bad baby shower games and opt for something a bit more creative!


One thought on “Oh Baby: A Crafty Shower

  1. senseandnonsenseblog says:

    Agreed! This is a MUCH better show activity than trying to guess the flavor of baby food or the candy bars in diapers. And less awkward for child-less guests than having to give advice to the soon-to-be mom. Those onesies turned out great!

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