Peanut Butter Balls, the Holiday Party Starter

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December 20, 2012 by ET

After three office parties, the yoga club’s holiday happy hour, the neighborhood potluck and the fourth family gathering of the season, you probably don’t want to look at another Christmas cookie again. Well, at least until tomorrow. Give yourself a few minutes to let that will power cease, because there’s a fresh batch of fa la la la-lavored temptation – with sprinkles on top. Whip up this easy recipe for peanut butter balls sure to force an appetite for even the fullest Santa.

For as long as I can remember, if there was a Christmas function, there were peanut butter balls. To this day, my mom makes them every year and this recipe has become just as much a tradition as my dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve to his now adult children. When I became the lady of my own house, I continued to make this favorite recipe for Christmas. You’ll need:

2 cups of creamy peanut butter

2 cups of powdered sugar

2 cups of Rice Krispies cereal

2 tablespoons of butter (I use margarine)

1 package of chocolate and/or vanilla almond bark

Multi color sprinkles

Makes 58 peanut butter balls (60 if you admit to sneaking two while baking)


Mix the peanut butter, powdered sugar, Rice Krispies and margarine together until the batter is sticky, but firm enough to shape. You may need to add a bit more peanut butter if the batter is too dry.



Next, roll the batter into spoon sized balls. If the batter begins to melt while you are rolling balls, put it in the refrigerator until it is firm again.


Once your balls are formed, carefully melt two to three blocks of almond bark over medium heat, stirring so not to burn. You can also use the microwave to melt the chocolate. In fact, it’s a lot easier to just use the microwave.

One at a time, dip the balls into the melted almond bark and place on a foil covered tray.


Top with sprinkles. The sprinkles are the key ingredient to the recipe (I won’t let unsprinkled peanut butter balls show their faces outside of my kitchen), so be sure to sprinkle each piece of candy before the almond bark drys.


Peanut butter balls are perfectly complemented with a mug of hot chocolate (or wine, bourbon or martini). Better save some for Santa before they’re all gone.



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