The Perfect Thanksgiving Setting

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November 19, 2012 by ET

Before carving the turkey and digging into that meal that takes two days to prepare and 20 minutes to eat, you have to trim the table. Whether you’re hosting a few folks or countless cousins, it’s all about your presentation. Dress your Thanksgiving table with a combination of timeless pieces and festive accents sure to wow your guests well before they taste your cranberry sauce.

This will be my fourth time hosting Thanksgiving at my house, and though I’m always excited for Turkey Day, I’m extra excited that my sister and her husband are traveling in from Austin this year. This means I’ll have a full house of company and my arm will be extra sore from mashing those added potatoes. With so much to do on the day of, I decided to play my table layout ahead of time. I cleared off the kitchen table and pulled out some items I’d been collecting for Thanksgiving decor.

First, I chose a runner that I already had in my collection. There was no sense in purchasing a new one when I had a perfectly good one impressive enough for entertaining. Plus, I enjoy any excuse to pull out my wedding gifts.

To make it a little more festive, I added burlap. Not only rustic, it helps protect the runner from at least a few gravy or red wine spills.

Next, I took advantage of some items leftover from the season’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share. They didn’t make the dessert, but they still had a place at dinner.

When I saw a kit to make turkey place card holders at Target, I couldn’t resist. I love the vintage look of felt and this kit provided pre cut pieces, making it easy to assemble these adorable table accessories.

I’m always a sucker for mason jars. They provide Southern charm to any occasion and are an affordable way to keep matching glassware in your cabinets. I added them to the table as water glasses and stuffed with mix and match cloth napkins.

Knowing that I’m usually tight for space to fit all of the serving dishes on the table, I saved room for the sides by putting the flatware on each plate.

I added a wine (obviously) glass to complete the place setting.

The table is set. Just add turkey!


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