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November 11, 2012 by ET

It was a head to head battle, fueled by blood, sweat and beers. After the testosterone cleared at the end of the day, there would be one winner, but 14 men spent a fall day determined to prove they were the manliest of men at the fourth annual Man Olympics.

This is not a joke, but a carefully crafted competition put on by a group of men in Nashville. Masculinity meets general tomfoolery in this battle of strength, wit and cracking cold ones. One of the most highly anticipated events of fall for the contenders, the day is equally entertaining for the spectators (the wives and kids of the men). Entertaining, until someone is close to fatally wounded, which seems to happen every year.

No idea why that would happen.

The events ranged from the traditional prep school Punt, Pass, Kick,

to the fifth grade class picnic favorite.

The Egg Toss -because even the toughest man should have a soft touch.

The strength events really heated things up. Every man pulled his own weight.

Rope burn is nothing compared to the pain of losing.

Recognizing that there’s more to a man than just brawn, it’s the well rounded blend of events that’s earned the Man Olympics its highly respected reputation on the backyard games circuit. Sure, a man can toss a caber, but can he identify Nicaragua on a map?

But, let’s give the ladies what they reallyshowed up for.

Nothing would compare to the fan favorite. Push a Car…

Drink a Beer…

Push a Jeep.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to cover all of the events and spirit (and the smell of PBR and Old Spice) of the Man Olympics games in one blog post, but know that every man gave it his all and left everything on that dead end Nashville street that day. Yes, there was a winner (a guy in his twenties), but simply surviving the games was enough for the 13 runner ups. That, and knowing that the money raised through entry fees was donated to a local family battling cancer.

What’s in store for next year’s Man Olympics? The men can’t say. They do know however that this is no time to get comfortable. It’s nothing but wind sprints and beer shotgunning from here on out. There are only a short 52 weeks to train for next year.


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